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10 ways to keep your home and office pest free

No one wants pests in their house like cockroaches, rodents, spiders, and termites. All these pests are very harmful to the stuff in the house and the residents as well. They cause a lot of damage to property and bring many diseases. Pest control services can be opted for in case of pest infestations in the home. They help carry out rodent control as well. People, however, need to take proper precautions to avoid with certainty pests infestations as far as possible.

Regularly Check For Signs of Pests

There are often early signs and evidence of pest infestations. This includes occasional sightings of pests in different parts of the house. Some people may even stumble upon a pests nest or home in a warm and damp part of the house. Such things are alerts of probable pest infestations.

Get Rid Of Fire Log Debris

Pests hide and seek shelter in damp and warm places. Wooden logs or debris of burnt up wood can serve as the perfect hideout for the pests. It is, therefore, very essential to regularly get rid of the wood debris.

Maintain the Shrubs and Bushes

The shrubs and bushes around the house are also great pest promoters. These provide pests places to hide, seeking a chance to enter the house. By keeping the shrubs and bushes cut down and maintained, this hideout can be avoided.

Trim Down the Grass in the Garden
Just like the bushes and shrubs, long grass is also a right hiding place for pests like ants and other bugs. People must keep the garden adjoining the house well-kempt to make sure that pests do not get a bridge to enter the house.

Net the Doors and Windows
Open doors and windows are the welcome sources through which pests can easily enter the house. Therefore, pest control services suggest adding netted doors and windows to the home. These would prevent the pests from entering the house while the door or window is left open for fresh air.

Daily Clean the Kitchen
The kitchen can provide a damp and warm place for pests to nest and multiply. It is practical to avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink and unclean stove and kitchen counters at night. By cleaning the kitchen regularly, pests like cockroaches can be avoided.

Keep the Bathroom Tidy
Bathrooms serve as excellent hiding places for pests like rodents and cockroaches. Rodent control requires keeping the bathroom floors and sinks clean. In this way, cockroach, rodents, and many other pests can be avoided by making a nest in the house.

Stagnant Water Is a Pest Attractant
Pests and mosquitoes multiply and spread through stagnant water. Experts in pest control services suggest people avoid the collection of uncovered stagnant water in and around the house.

Getting Rid Of Mice for Rodent Control
The essential thing in the case of sighting mice in the house is evicting them from the house. This is the most used rodent control technique that people use for a long time.

Clean Out the Storage Periodically
Storage areas have a lot of unnecessary clutter that is never touched. These are places where pests like spiders, rodents among others tend to hide and make a home. People should frequently clean the storage to avoid these pests.

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