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The bed bugs are a type of chestnut-brown insects which have a flat shape from top to bottom. The size of the adult bed bugs is around 1/4th inch in length. The bed bugs are found to grow multiple numbers of times by a process termed moulting. The baby bed bugs are known as nymphs and they resemble the adults in every way. The size of the nymphs is much smaller than the adult bugs. The nymphs require a total of five moults to metamorphose into the adult bugs. In each phase of this metamorphosis, the bed bug must feed on a blood meal to convert into the next phase. Though the adult bug can feed only once in a week; the nymph has to feed on blood meal several times during their four-month-long life-cycle.

Bed Bugs Pest Control UAE

The bed bugs find an entry to your house either through the second-hand articles or through furniture. They may also find a place in your house through the rain gutters, wires or plumbing pipes. Sometimes the warehouse companies, railroad cars, and the trucks are also found to be infested. The bed bugs can infest your home with the help of new furniture or by the stowed away furniture which has been shipped from some other place. The expert and approved bed bugs removal Companies in Dubai, UAE take special effort to make your premises pest-free.

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