Rattusnorvegicus is the rat of Norway which is also known by the name of sewer rat or brown rat. It is quite a destructive pest which is found mainly in the suburban and urban areas. They cause harm to the properties and buildings and also contaminate the food items. This type of rodent can also spread several dangerous diseases which can badly affect pets and human beings.

Detection Of Rat Infestations:

One can easily detect the presence of the past by the droppings of gnawing here and there. You can also find their tracks on dusty and muddy surfaces. Burrows and runways can be found along the fences, buildings, railway tracks, or even in debris.

Some Facts On Rats:

This type of Norway rate is usually brownish or husky in colour. The rodent weighs almost 11 ounces. Its tail is 6 to 8inches tall and the body is approximately 13 to 18inches long. It has coarse fur and the underside of the body id yellowish-white to grey in colour.

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Experts say that these types of rats eat almost every kind of food and especially prefer to eat fresh grains and meat. They consume about 1 ounce of fluid or water daily while they feed on dried food items. They have an exceptional sense of smell, taste, and hearing and can enter any building with an opening of 1inch.

Their breading is mostly active during the fall and spring season. About 6 to 12 baby rats are born after mating for about 23 days. These rats have a lifespan of about 18 months but mostly they die before completing one year.

If you are looking for a company offering rodent control services in Dubai, UAE then Supreme Pest Control Services is definitely the right choice. The most effective method of control as per the experts of our company is the trapping of the rats. We trap the rats in structures where they are few in numbers. Here are the advantages of the method:

* No reliance on the hazardous poisons

* The users can easily determine whether the rat has been killed or not

* The rat carcasses can be disposed of and thus there is the odour problems get totally eliminated which might have occurred with the use of poison

Trapping of the rodent is only useful provided the process of re-infestation has been followed properly. Sometimes for rodent control services in Dubai, we also use rodenticides which are generally a rare case. Professional rodent control services for all types of pests in all areas of Dubai, UAE.

The roof rats or the black rats are a little smaller as compared to the Norway rats. Their tails are quite long as compared to their body and heads. They usually agile climbers and nest and live above the ground area in the trees, shrubs, or dense vegetation. In buildings, these rats take shelter in the places which are elevated or enclosed like walls, attics, cabinets and false ceilings.

House Mouse:

These are normally small rodents which have black, small eyes, and large ears. Their weight is about a ½ ounce and they have grey to light brownish body colour. The adult mouse has about five to seven inches long including a tail of about 3to 4 inches. Gnaw marks, droppings, and tracks are signs of the mice being active in various places. They make use of fibrous materials or finely shredded paper to make their nests. Their musky odour also gives an indication that the rodents are nearby in the room. They are usually more active during the night time but sometimes also noticeable during the day.

Controlling Of House Mice:

The house mice being smaller than the rats can get an easier access inside the house. As such, the infestations of house mice are more common than the infestations of rats. Our rodent control services in Dubai for house mice involve the techniques of exclusion, sanitation, and reduction of population. Exclusion and sanitation are the preventive measures adopted by the company. When there is already an infestation of the mouse, then processes like baiting or trapping are more effective.

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The most successful and long-term control of mouse in the house is the restriction of food items and shelter as much as possible. For trapping to be successful, sufficient traps must be placed in different locations. We also use trapping as the follow-up method after the baiting program gets completed. The baiting program might cause sanitation or odour problem which must be considered before you choose the process. In such a case, trapping proves to be the perfect approach. After the mice get removed, steps must be taken to exclude their presence totally for preventing the reoccurring of the issue. Different kinds of rodenticides are also available which get specifically used against roof rats, Norway Rats, and house mice. However, they have harmful effects on pets, wildlife, and human beings as they contain toxic materials in them. So, precautions must be taken accordingly.

Trapping is the ideal method preferred in garages, homes or other buildings where there are just a few rats or mice. There is no use of toxins in this process which is the biggest advantage. The user can find out that the mice have been trapped and then disposed of. There will be no problems of odour as the mice are not killed. The most inexpensive snap trap option is the wooden mouse trap. However, today people prefer the plastic traps more as they are easy to clean and set. The traps with large treadles of plastic are more useful than the other types. However, the key is to set the snap trap at the ideal location so that the mice get caught easily. You can bait the traps using food items like peanut butter which attract the mouse a lot.

In certain rare cases, companies use rodenticides for pest control.

Contact Supreme Pest Control Services UAE, for exclusive services of protecting your premises from rodents. We offer evaluation and free inspection of buildings to ensure that they are free from pests and rodents. Our experts are the most trusted ones in pest control activities.

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