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The sight of flies flitting around signals it’s time to clean up your space thoroughly. Why should you take care? The house fly and other “filth flies” are not just minor irritants but potential disease carriers capable of harming humans and animals and can cause food poisoning, dysentery, and tuberculosis.  

They sit on contamination, pick up bacteria, fungi, and viruses, and spread them around. They proliferate within days and can swarm your spaces, affecting healthy living. Call a flies control services in Dubai to eliminate the nuisance before it spreads. And we are pretty good at it! 

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We employ IPM techniques to control the flies’ infestation by applying the residual chemical spray, fogging, using IGR, Fly bottles and biological methods at the breeding sites.


There are about 3300 mosquitoes’ species all over in the world. These mosquitoes cause harmful diseases like yellow fever, malaria, and dengue every year which harm a large number of people residing in the poverty-stricken countries.

Supreme Pest Control Services UAE offers an effective plan of flies control services. This plan has been designed for controlling the number of mosquitoes that are seen in a property in Dubai. The pest control company uses chemical applications for flies control during the peak season.

fly control dubai
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Over the years, we have improved pest elimination and eradication processes and created full-proof methods that produce 100% results, earning a coveted reputation in flies control Dubai.  

Once you contact us, we, as a fly control company stocked with well-trained experts, send our licensed fly control experts and technicians to inspect your property in Dubai, UAE. They scout for areas and habitations mainly prone to mosquito breeding and activities and may be hidden in plain sight. Standing water in gutters, birdbaths, discarded containers, and pet water bowls is ideal for mosquito breeding. We promptly treat these high-risk areas using precision techniques and products to contain the fly larvae population.  

Supreme Pest Control UAE understands the importance of seasonal spraying as the mosquito breeding season intensifies during the hot months. We treat mosquito breeding areas with our unique, odor-free, and fast-acting products, which significantly reduce the number of mosquitoes that bother you at home. 

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Flies Control Tips

Here are some listed tips for the homeowners in Dubai, UAE so that they can reduce the activity of mosquitoes:

* Dispose of any plastic container, tin cans, ceramic pots or other similar types of containers holding water in them.

* Discarded tires also require your attention. The stagnant water inside the tires is the breeding place for most of the mosquitoes or flies.

* The recycling containers that are kept outdoors must be drilled at the bottom to prevent any fly or mosquito breeding.

* The roof gutters which get clogged easily with leaves must be cleaned each year. Roof gutters are common places where mosquitoes and flies breed.

* Thin out the vegetation around your house if it is quite dense

* Wood piles must be kept covered.

* Whack the weeds and cut out dense grasses.

* If you have plastic pools then turn them over when not getting used. The stagnant water inside the wading pool also becomes the breeding place for mosquitoes. No water must be allowed to remain stagnant in the birdbaths. Wheelbarrows must also be turned over.

* Remove junk piles.

* Fish ponds must have continuous running water and stock of fishes in them. Mosquitoes cannot breed in rippling water. They get drowned.

Experts suggest that these tips can keep away flies, mosquitoes or other types of fly pests away from your houses.

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    As a premier pest control service provider in Dubai and UAE, our fly control services segment covers treatment of the commonly found fly species in UAE such as house flies, fruit flies, drain flies, blow flies, and cluster flies. We aim to exterminate the fly nuisance, and reduce the chances of re-infestation to zero.
    As a general rule, the effectiveness of fly control measures rests on climatic conditions, species of fly being targeted and degree of infestation. As we employ the best fly control experts, industry-approved methods and quality insecticide, the results last for nearly 3 months at their best. From the first application itself, you will witness a marked reduction in fly activity. Assessing the results, we may add to it follow-up treatments.
    Usually, a one-time treatment is good enough to solve your immediate issues. Still, if you are a business in hospitality, food processing, retail, healthcare, facilities management, or individual homeowners managing housing apartments, we recommend following a service regime. While chronic fly infestation problems require urgent attention, availing our pest control services once every month will keep flies at bay. Our fly control experts will devise a plan based on your situation.
    No, most of our services are easily accessible and do not require the signing of binding contracts. This helps you offer services as you like them and create customizable solutions. Most existing customers opt for budgetary, long-term maintenance services that allow them to have their spaces pest-free all year round.
    The same general guidelines usually apply once your areas have been subjected to fly treatment. Follow the instructions given by our fly control experts. Do not clean treated areas immediately, allow them to dry, dispose of exposed food, properly clean bins, do not allow food or water to accumulate in the kitchen corners and sinks, and maintain sanitation practices to prevent the hatching of eggs. Talk to our experts and schedule visits as they recommend.

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