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Most Common Rodents and How to Get Rid of Them

Humans are not such only beings that want to snuggle indoors during the chilly weather. Mice and rats also desire to live inside in the cold months of winter. Until the time of spring, when flowers bloom in surroundings, these little breeders might want to be guests around your house. Therefore, it is necessary to get rodent control performed in your surroundings.


The Most Common Type of Rodents and How to Prevent Yourself From Them
Prior you start the preparation for the months of winters, you must know which kinds of pests may try to take over your business. Below are the details of rodents that are seen around this time the most and how to get rid of them.
House Mouse – The One With Large Ears and Long Tail

With record speed of twelve feet every second, house mice are generally found running on the floor of houses. These mice will feed on just anything. You can differentiate these kinds of rodents from other rats by their quite large ears, plus tails of the height of their bodies. It is better to get rodent control done from professionals rather than tackling them yourself.

King Rat – The Over Sized Rats With Short Tales

This rodent is likely to be out of your sight and usually lurks around the sewer of your house. These rats do not show their faces in the daytime because if you see it, there are very slim chances you will miss it. These rats are named as “King Rat” due to their measure of over fifteen inches in height. They have tails short than the bodies.

Roof Rat – The Residents of High Places

None of the places are safe from the rodents. Whilst Norway rats reside in underground locations; roof rats like to be residents of high places, such as trees, rafters, and attics. Contrasting to Norway rats, roof rats have large tails to maintain their balance. Book a pest control company in your area to ensure you do not have roof rats in your house.

Deer Mouse – They Are Known to Spread Dangerous Diseases

Rodents are not only limited to the city. Deer mice prefer rural areas. These beings also help us by feeding on pests such as cutworms and gypsy moths. Do not think of them as wise creatures though. These small mice transmit severe diseases such as Hantavirus. Therefore, it is important to be careful around them.

Field Mouse – These Are Small in Size and Have Short Tales

Field mice are usually eaten up by predators, but they produce as much as seventeen litters every year. Field mice can be told apart from several other kinds of rodents by their tiny, stocky bodies consisting of short tails.

It does not matter what your business or location is; there is a rodent present everywhere. They can crawl in through the smallest holes, and they are always seeking warmth. Therefore, the best precaution is to not provide them with any entrance.

Keep the kitchen, bathroom and other areas around your house clean and sanitized. Hire a pest control company and get rodent control done in your house. This will ensure the safety of your children and other house members.

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