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Mistakes Of Housekeeping – Know And Stop Them

Cleaning house is a habit that is adopted by people of every household. It is a constant work to keep the house clean every day. However, sometimes certain cleaning habits can be errors that need to be avoided. There are certain habits that need to be avoided to ensure that you do not over clean your house. The cleaning method in your house needs to be maintained so that you do not spoil any area in the house by over cleaning.

Avoid Vacuuming Before Dusting Your House

There has been always a debate about whether dusting vacuuming should come first. Dusting should be prioritized as vacuuming can lead to the spread of the dust particles again in the house. Hence dusting the house from top to bottom and then vacuuming it can clean the house completely. Try dusting and vacuuming your bed and mattress to get rid of bed bugs as well.

Do Not Spend On Expensive Cleaning Products

Too much of harsh cleaning products could damage the surfaces of the house and do more bad than good. Spending much on cleaning products would go to waste. A single cleaner could be beneficial for the house as it would be enough when mixed with white vinegar and water. Bathtubs can be cleaned with baking soda and water to remove the yellow marks of the bathroom as well.

Do Not Try To Clean The House Together

Do not try to clean the whole house in a single day. You will overwork yourself and also miss many spots. Dedicate one section of the house per day and that way you will be able to completely clean the whole house. Keep one day for pest control to get rid of termites and other pests.

Do not keep a single area for garbage

People normally store their garbage in the kitchen and it can result in pests and bacteria. They give rise to germs in the house and this could be bad for the environment o the house. Try for pest control if you see a rise in insects and pests in your house and clean the garbage every day so that it does not pile up.

Change Your Kitchen Sponge Often

Your kitchen sponge would be the area where germs accumulate at a fast rate. Be sure to change your kitchen sponge often so that it does not transmit the germs into your utensils. Make sure to disinfect your kitchen sponge after every wash.

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