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Rodents and vermin are a particularly persistent breed of pests. They are generally found ubiquitously in urban and suburban areas. The breed of rat known popularly as the sewer rat generally lives underground and travels by the means of tunnels that it builds to its nest. They can enter through gaps in the wall or cracks in the foundation that are no wider than an inch. Pest control experts in Dubai consider rodents to be one of the most disturbing and insistent pests. They are also very dangerous.

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They can cause dangerous diseases like bubonic plague, rabies, leptospirosis and Lyme disease. They also gnaw away at wooden foundations and can cause serious damage to the structural integrity of your home with all their tunnelling. To avoid such hindrances and to ensure the continued health of your customers and your loved ones, you must conduct a thorough inspection and pest extermination annually. It is better if you do it more frequently, but doing it annually is fine as well.

How To Control Rodent Populations

Sewer rats are not the only member of the rodent family that is very cumbersome. Dormice and roof rats cause as much damage as sewer rats do. Roof rats generally nest in arboreal environments. That is why their infestations can be found in attics and terraces. They can also damage the structural integrity of your home. The best way of going about pest control in Dubai when it comes to rodent infestations is by practising proper hygiene and cleanliness.

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Try to keep your home and your surroundings as clean as possible. Do not leave garbage lying around as that is what attracts vermin in the first place. Instead of attempting to solve the problem individually, try to do something with the whole community. A community cleanliness-drive and garbage duty is a much more effective practice than individual efforts.

To keep your expensive wooden furniture safe from rodent infestations, you can use deterrents like eucalyptus oil or essence of wormwood.

Traps Over Rodenticide

Traps are a much better option while conducting rodent pest control than rodenticides. Pest control experts in Dubai are of the opinion that using traps is a much economical and more efficient way of going about controlling a rodent infestation.

This is mainly due to the fact that if rodenticides are used, it will be very difficult to efficiently locate and get rid of the rat carcasses. They will start to rot and give off a horrible smell. That is why it is better to use rat traps. Once the rats are caught, the exterminator can dispose of them effectively.
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