Pest Control Meadows

Supreme PCS is a Dubai-based pest control company which provides pest control services for residential and commercial situations. We understand how annoying and dangerous pest infestations can be. We also recognize the detrimental effect they have on your health, reputation, and well-being.

That is why we are one of the premier pest control services operating in the Meadows neighbourhood in Dubai. Not only can pests do remarkable damage to your home, furniture and other valuables but they can also cause dangerous and life-threatening diseases like Lyme Disease, skin conditions, pulmonary infections, and E. coli.

Dormant Oil Spraying- Most Popular Option

Pest control in residential areas like Meadows in Dubai should be regularly done and some of the pest control practices have been outlined below for your benefit.

Pest Control Meadows

Dormant oil spraying is a very popular pest control option used by pest control services all over the world. It is a coating of dormant oil or pesticide which is sprayed over trees and shrubs to control the infestation of spiders and other insects.

The pesticide suffocates the eggs and cocoons of insects who live in the bark and stems of your garden plants. Dormant oil control is a very efficient and effective pest control practice especially suited for garden infestations in residential areas like Meadows.

Termite Inspection- A Regular Need

Termite inspection should be regular in residential Meadows of Dubai. Termites are a very dangerous pest and can cause irrevocable damage to your property and health. They require proper pesticide handling by a certified company.

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