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Supreme PCS is a pest control service that operates in Dubai and caters to residential and commercial needs of the sprawling metropolis. Residential neighbourhoods like Lakes Dubai are highly susceptible to a number of common pest infestations. That is why we have provided a short description of them to you so that you may know what to watch out for. Supreme PCS is the premier pest control company operating in Dubai and we offer extensive residential pest control services for customers living in Lakes.

Residential and Commercial Pest Control Services Lakes Dubai

Termite Infestations- A Problem That Needs Attention

Pest Control Lakes Dubai

One of the most common infestations that pest control services in Lakes have to take care of is termite infestations. Termites are a major pest and wreak havoc and spread pestilence all over the globe. They can cause serious structural damage to your home and can greatly depreciate its resale value.

In really bad cases, termite infestations can also corrode your home foundations so extensively that your house becomes impossible to live in. Termites generally infest houses in residential areas like Lakes in Dubai. Termite infestations call for the proper application of the pesticide.

Pest Control Services in Lakes Approved by Municipality

Rodent Infestations- A Constant Annoyance

Another common annoyance that residential and commercial pest control services have to take care of is rodent infestations. Rodents include sewer rats, voles and house mice. Special precautions must be taken by your pest control company in Lakes to not endanger the health of your children and your pets. Rodent infestations are managed using traps, pesticide, and bait.

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